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★ BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH THAT IS BIODEGRADABLE, NATURAL AND ORGANIC – Our Bamboo Toothbrush is made from anti-microbial MoSo bamboo wood that is Organic and Eco-friendly. Our natural toothbrush is biodegradable and our packaging is 100% recyclable. Using a wood toothbrush reduces the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans. It will also help you reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. Medium Bristles on our wooden toothbrush clean teeth exactly the same way as a regular plastic toothbrush.

★ FDA APPROVED BPA & CHEMICAL FREE – Our Bamboo Toothbrush is BPA Free, Chemical Free and FDA approved. Our high-quality Nylon medium bristles are gentle and soft to use on your teeth and gums. This natural toothbrush is guaranteed to give you a bright smile, healthy gums and pearly white teeth.

★ BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH WITH FUN COLORS & BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED – Our wooden toothbrushes have fun-colored bristles and handles that will cheer up your mornings. Our bamboo toothbrushes are ergonomically designed and easy-to-hold. The handles are smoothed with natural wax and will not splinter with time. The bamboo handle is moisture resistant so there is no need to dry toothbrush after use, instead just put it in an open holder, as you would with a regular toothbrush.