Hello, I communicate with you for the first time. My name is Pablo García, I have no experience in the export business and I am very interested in starting a business with your product in Argentina.
I request the following information please.
1- Is it possible to make regular shipments to Argentina?
2- What is the cost of the ship over the product price?
3- To start with an amount of 1000 – 2000 U, what average cost per unit should I calculate?
4- Can I receive the shipment as an individual or do I need to do it through an exporting company?Thank you very much and I look forward to your information.



I’d like to order 500 pieces to Slovenia.
Type E, single colored bristles.


Please send me a quote for package. And please add a quote for the same type but 1000 pieces.

Thank you,



Hi Mike,

It is nice to talk with you just now.
I ave attached out company name/art to be engraved on each toothbrush. Could you please give us your best price for:
-500 Type A toothbrush (soft bristle strength) with company  name engraved on each toothbrush.

* Types of Bristle:

  1. Bristle: Dupont Nylon 6.
  2. Bristle: Charcoal-infused Bristle

* Shape of Bristle: Wave

*  Order Quantities: 500 , 1k


* Custom Logo:  Silkscreen printed OR Embossed Logo on the Bamboo handle.

* Custom Packaging:

*Packing: 1 Bamboo Toothbrush / Box (individually packed)


free samples

I am in the process of potentially starting up a ‘bamboo toothbrush’ business:
  • Could you please share the pricing for 300 items (this will not be the final amount it is just for me to get a rough estimate as that’s the quantity i’ve been sharing with others)
  • Ofcourse as the business expands the orders would be expected to increase, therefore, just to confirm would the discount be revised based on the order increasing?

Additional Q’s:

  • Does the pricing including branding, custom packing and shipping?
  • Is the brand/logo on both the packaging and the physical toothbrush?
  • How does the design on the packaging work – do I submit the designs online/email?
  • Can you please send across various sample?
[Shipping Address: 118 Mercian Way, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 5LX]