Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes have become an excellent alternative to regular, hard-bristled toothbrushes, and the users are truly enjoying the benefits of such toothbrushes. It is no surprise that before the introduction of toothbrushes, civilians used to be dependent on salt, twigs, and rough fabrics for the removal of dirt from their teeth. Then, toothbrushes appeared, and people started to prefer electric toothbrushes to regular toothbrushes.

The introduction of bamboo toothbrushes took several people by a surprise, and they cannot help but, sing high praises of bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrushes make a healthier, eco-friendly option to regular toothbrushes, and they are definitely a wonderful option to integrate into our dental care regime.


custom order for dental
Medium bristle strength
kraft box packaging
bamboo toothbrush bulk

bamboo toothbrush bulk


please see answers below


For a start I’d like to order 1.000 pieces: 700x TYPE-A, 300x KIDS-A
I also have some questions:

1. How many different bristle hardnesses do you have (…, soft, medium, hard,…)?  we have soft, medium,

soft is popular for kids type, while medium strengh is popular for audlt

2. How many different bristle structure types do you have (straight/flat, wave,…, by size,…colors,…)? What is the minimum order for every different type (color, design …)?

most popular is straight, we have flat and wave as well

300 MOQ for every type, only regular type

3. Is logo printing (laser engraved) on toothbrushes included in the price or not? If not, what is the additional price for logo engraving (for 1000 pieces)?

logo engraving set up $100 added to the total cost

4. Custom paper box logo printing: is it possible to have only my logo on it, nothing else? If yes, what is the price for 1000 pieces?

sure, free of charge,  only need pay logo set up $70 

5. What is the maximum number of toothbrushes you can deliver in one month? Can you deliver 40-50.000?

5,000,000 production capacity each month

6. Is the delivery time to Slovenia max. 10 days? What is the average time?

7 days by UPS / DHL

I’m starting as an online retailer but later on I’l expand the business to brick and mortar so I’ll be a distributor as well. If the 1.000 order will go well, next one be 5.000 items.

But first, I need to test your free samples. Can you send me:
2x TYPE-A (1x with soft bristles, 1x with medium bristles, 1x with hard bristles). If you don’t have so many different bristles, send me only 2 different.
1x KIDS-A (medium bristles)

My shipping address for free samples:

Matej Kolšek

Cviblje 14

8210 Trebnje

Slovenia (EU)

we could send samples one of each of Type- A,B,C,D,E,F,G, line for check 

samples is free, shipping cost by DHL is $25, pay to

thank you and I’m looking forward to a good cooperation,