Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly

It was not too long ago when people swore by the benefits of using a plastic toothbrush. However, ever since the harmful effects of plastic were discovered, many environmentally-conscious people have steered clear from using plastic brushes, and instead, they have resorted to using bamboo brushes for brushing their teeth.


Hello, I am interested in selling custom logo bamboo toothbrushes. I am interested in the TYPE Z style of toothbrushes. I would also like to add my logo ” E C O V I D A” to the handle of the toothbrush. May I request free samples as well? Thank you!



please send me a product catalog with price and MOQ?
I am interested in TYPE – Z but I want to compare prices.
I will send the logo tomorrow.

What is the price for samples imported to Slovakia?
Thank you.
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