100% eco mao bamboo round handle toothbrush soft bristle naturally

  1. Bamboo brushes are easy to carry around

If you are a frequent traveler then, carrying plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes in your travel bag could feel bulky and heavy. On the contrary, the slim and unique design of bamboo toothbrushes allows you to keep them in your case easily. You can keep it in its packaging, and it wouldn’t make a difference in your luggage’s weight at all.

I am a Italian reseller intrestad in your product to be personalized for my customers.
Please send me details about your product features and price


I´d like to know the product and start a partnership to distribute in Brazil, starting with Sao Paulo area

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I am looking for a pricelist for all of your products as still working out which ones we would like to stock…I would need our logo put onto the toothbrushes too.

As much information as you can give me please would be helpful.  I would need to know minimum order quantities – payment terms and delivery schedules too please.

Many thanks


I would be interested in bamboo toothbrushes with my own logo.
Could you tell me the prices and MOQ?