Tooth Brushes for Hotel in Kenya

Good Morning,  I would like to order
1000 tooth brushes  with Our company Logo (see the attachment) – color white and Light Blue for Adults
500 Tooth Brushes for kids several colours – same Logo
We are In kenya
80401 South Coast, Diani Beach, Kenya
Can you sen me a quotation ? Please address it to Beach Sand Sun ltd
attached is custom sample, please let us know if it is ok

we will start the mass production once confirmedThe price looks good, I would like to order 1000 brushes with the pointed bristles (like on page 12 of your design template), with the logo in the attached file engraved on the handle and the carton. Also I would like our phone number (815-782-2299) engraved to the right of the logo. Can you send me a mock-up?


Hi Mike, I have received the samples, thanks. I would like to order 1000 pieces of the LB-A with custom engraved logo I attached to one of my previous email.

Thank you,Hi Mike, can you let me know if you have received my previous email?  I would like to order 1000 pieces of the LB-A with a custom engraved logo attached to this email.

Thank you
Kind Regards
that’s perfect
we can proceed please.

Hi, Thank you for you email!

we would like to have 1000 of them with the bristles of a natural color and bottom round white with pour logo
500 for the kids all mixed colours also with logo
I have attached the screenshots I took from you pdf and our Logo
Thank you
Kind Regards
can you please tell me what is the Individual Kraft Box?
What is the Set up for QTY below 2k?
Can we have our Logo on the individual box?

Thank you for the sample. I think there is too much text to fit onto the handle, so I have attached a new logo file with fewer lines. I have attached a photo of the style of toothbrush I would like. Also, please omit the phone number from the engraving.Hi LogoBamboo

You made some brushes for us few years ago.
We are now opening a new practice and I am hoping you would be able to copy the previous order but with a different logo on the box and a different web address etched into the handle please?

1000 adult – Type E (round) – 5 colours; 200xyellow, 200xlilac, 200xgreen, 200xblue, 200x pink
1000 kid – Type B (as above for adult) – 5 colours; 200xyellow, 200xlilac, 200xgreen, 200xblue, 200x pink
Handle colour matching the bristle colours.

Dear Mike,

Thank you, yes I did. we like the white one with the round handle.
How do we proceed from here?
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We would like to have the white ones for the adults and colourful ones for the kids.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
PS do you know who could make the toothpaste tablets?

Hi Mike

Thank you for your mail.

I didn’t receive the price list.

Also did you send the sample to me as orders?

Best regards: Sepide


logobamboo reorder reply needed
Would you like to have a sample in hand so that you can run a test and confirm our quality?
we would like to send you free samples, along with related documents such as our company brochure, product catalogue, and mtc, please tell us your shipping address.
Thank you for this.
Please send me the samples A-G and the kids toothbrush A-C


Thank you for the samples.
How much is it to order 100 of each toothbrush with logotype?
100 of the children brush
100 of the Bamboo brush but with black straw insted of blue as the picture?


Ok thank you for this!
I like to change the adult one to this brush with also black straw.
Here is also the logo.
Can you send me a picture of the brusch with the logo and the cartons so I can se it before I say yes.

And how long does it take for delivery?

Looks great!
Do you have any Black Friday discount? Have a nother offer from another supplier and they had some Black Friday offers.
Can you please give me your best price?
Thank you for the toothbrush 🪥 I just received them.

One question, why does the cartoon have the logotyp Gumpearl? It just say bamboo toothbrushHi

Hope everything is good with you.
I want to order some more toothbrushes. Can you please get me a price on 5000 gumpearl bruches and 2000 of the children’s one. Please note that I like to have the logo printed on the cartoon this time.

Please look at the logo followed in the e-mail. And please give me a dokument to approve. Please look at this.Hi

I like to have the size to make my own mockup, can you send me the package size and I Will sent you the artwork for print.

Best regatta: sepide Hi again

Saw you also had Natural products



Please tell me more about this product, this product is nicer 🙂 is this 100% plastic free?

Can you send my a sampel?
So one floss cost 0,35 dollar? Or do you meen 1000 cost 0,35 dollar. Just for one floss 0,35 dollar is very expensive. I like to have about 15-20 floss in a bag and that is over 6 dollar just for the floss and than it is the paper bag, etikets….
Best regards: