Hi! I recently started my business, and some of my clients have been asking about adding bamboo toothbrushes. I noticed you had options to have custom packaging I believe, as well as a logo on the toothbrush and it got my attention. I appreciate your time and hope to hear back from you soon!
Please quote for 1000 , 5000 and 10000 brushes with our logo. We need to order on a quarterly basis. Thanks.

One of the common problems with using plastic toothbrushes is that it utilizes petroleum and energy for its production; however, these two factors contribute to environmental pollution exponentially. On the contrary, bamboo for bamboo brushes is extracted from natural sources, and it doesn’t require being fermented; hence, it doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the air during its production.

Bamboo toothbrushes are definitely an eco-friendly option for anyone, and you can dispose of them without contributing to the currently existing environmental problem. It simple degrades in a landfill, which is a safer option in comparison to its counterpart.