Good evening!

My name is Niklas Sandin from Sweden and are, together with a couple of associates, in the startup of a new business that will produce bamboo toothbrush. We are now looking for a partner.

We want to produce a bamboo toothbrush that comes in a environmental friendly blister pack, both as single toothbrush & 4 x toothbrush in a bigger blister pack.

We have the following questions:
1. Which kind of nylon do you use? nylon-6 from Dupont
2. What options of handle and brush can you supply? we have Type- A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and kid- A,B,C, Free samples available

3. Can we pick any color of the nylon? yes, all color on our website is available.
4. Can we OEM blister cards? yes, 2000 pcs minimum for custom blister cards packaging.
5. Can we OEM the toothbrush (burned logo) yes, custom laser engraving logo or print logo
6. What are the MOQ? 500 pcs for custom laser logo with default kraft box packaging.
7. What is the price for OEM bamboo toothbrush with lowest MOQ? attched is our price list of different bamboo handle, FYR
8. What is lead time and production time? 28 days after payment.
9. Have you done anything similar to other companies? If so, which ones? sure, but we cannot disclose the information of our customers.
10. What are your shipping fees per 1000 bamboo toothbrushes? general $120 shipping cost by DHL / UPS


On the other hand, the bristles for bamboo toothbrushes contain strong antimicrobial properties, which help with hindering the presence of bacteria in your mouth. In other words, the antimicrobial properties of bamboo toothbrushes help with fighting microbes to keep your mouth and teeth clean as much as possible. Given the strong antimicrobial properties of a bamboo toothbrush, one would still advise you to rinse the brush properly after its use and store it in a clean case.

Bamboo Charcoal bristle
Bamboo Charcoal bristle




I am interested in an order of 500 pieces of toothbrushes (Custom Logo on toothbrush and Logo on packaging).

Could you please send me more details including:

– What bristle types are available? Do you offer Soft, Hard, and Charcoal types? we have all of them

– What are the bristles made from? Bristle Material: Nylon-6, DuPont, Bamboo Charcoal

– Pricing information for all types of toothbrush see attached price list

– Shipping costs and time to UK for 500pc and 1000pc see attached price list

– Dimensions of each toothbrush package, including thickness (Adult and Child Size) see attached 

– How is the product packaged? Is it inside plastic inside the box? individual kraft box

– How is the logo printed onto handle? Is it engraved? yes, laser engraving

The shipment would be sent to United Kingdom. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,



bamboo toothbrush type G wholesale (2)

kraft box mock up